01-06-2017 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge June 2017: 26.7%

Bunker Surchage 01-01-2017

fuelSurchageBunker Surchage January 2017: 29%

Bunker Surchage 01-12-2016

fuelSurchageBunker Surchage December 2016: 26,2%

Bunker Surchage 01-11-2016

fuelSurchageBunker Surchage November 2016: 27,1%

01-02-2015 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge February 2015: 23,89 %

01-01-2015 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge January 2015: 24,9 %

01-12-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge December 2014: 30%

01-10-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge October 2014: 30,6%

01-09-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge September 2014: 31,3%

01-08-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge August 2014: 31,5%

01-06-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge June 2014: 31,6%

01-05-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge May 2014: 31,9%

01-04-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge April 2014: 31,8%

01-03-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge March 2014: 32,5%

01-02-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge February 2014: 32,0%

01-01-2014 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge January 2014: 32,7%

01-09-2013 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge September 2013: 33,6%

01-07-2013 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge July 2013: 31,6%

01-06-2013 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge June 2013: 30,8%

01-05-2013 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge May 2013: 30,8%

01-04-2013 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge April 2013: 32,9%

01-03-2013 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge March 2013: 34,4%

01-02-2013 - Surcharges

defBunker Surcharge February 2013: 33,3%

12-11-2012 - 420 cubic meter Water Tank

424 picture 7673 1Our project Team shipped 14 Water Tanks during October. This is the last one of 420 cubic meter

01-12-2011 - New agent in Ukraine

ukraine-nyhederFor further development of our transport concepts with Ukraine, Jumbo
Transport Group has established cooperation with "SOBI Ekspedytsiya" LLC

01-11-2011 - New office in Riga

letland-nyhederAs of November 1st, 2011 our Baltic set-up is complete with the opening of Jumbo Transport SIA in Latvia

28-06-2011 - Poland - Road tax

395 picture 3214 1Poland is - as the next country - implementing Road Tax for all trucks exceeding 3,5 ts weight. We have to implement a Polish Road Tax fee as of July 1st as per enclosed letter

31-05-2011 - Acquiry of L. Rogens Eftf. ApS

393 picture 6379 1-see Danish version-

07-04-2011 - Heavy Lift to Norway

391 picture 5929 1In week 14, 2011 our project department delivered this item on 105 tons in Norway

01-01-2011 - Road Tax in Czech Republic

364 picture 2699 1As of January 1st, 2011 an increase in the roadtaxes (implemented January 1st, 2007) has been deceided by the Authorities in Czech Republic. For further details look in the menu on the left hand side

01-01-2011 - New Incoterms 2010

385 picture 9043 1As of January 1, 2011 the eighth edition, Incoterms 2010 have effect. The changes therein affect all of the five terms previously listed in section D, which are now obsolete and have been replaced with these three: DAT (Delivered at Terminal), DAP (Delivered at Place), and DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). The new terms apply to all modes of transport.

25-05-2010 - Project work in Oslo City Center

373 picture 1631 1A 350 tons cran was need to move machines during the weekend in Oslo. Further pictures under "GALLARY"


372 picture 6831As a result of a bank merger, our SWIFT Code will be changed to: NYKBDKKK
Durch die Bankfusion, ändert sich unser jetziger SWIFT/BIC in: NYKBDKKK

19-04-2010 - We move

370 picture 222 1As of today, Jumbo Transport AS, Oslo has moved to new premises:
Joh H Andresensvei 5
NO-0655 Oslo
Phone +47 23 21 03 90
Fax     +47 23 21 03 99

30-10-2009 - Portugal - NEW AGENT

359 picture 2145 1Agility in Portugal (also known as the former LASSEN) and Jumbo Transport have agreed to co-operate in the traffic between Portugal and Denmark.
Further information under "Portugal"

01-07-2009 - New agent in Holland

276 picture 2851 1As from today, we co-operate with ROTRA, a familly owned company in Holland excisting since 100 years.
Own distribution system covering the entire area

01-07-2009 - Ireland

irland-nyhederWe are proud to announce our new co-operation, from 1st July 2009, with CLF Limited, Ireland, a young and active company. Warehouse  and own vehicles for fast distribution alle over Ireland. We offer groupageservice as well as part- and full loads

07-11-2008 - German Road Tax - MAUT

55 picture 7525 1The German authorities have decided to increase the MAUT as of January 1st, 2009.
New rates uploaded in Dkr. and €

01-11-2008 - Wood packing material to Norway

338 picture 5373As of January 1st, 2009 new regulations apply for import of wooden material to Norway. Pls study the material from "Mattilsynet"

03-10-2008 - Jumbo Transport Norway established

norge-nyhederJumbo Transport AS in Norway is established and fully operational.
The office and warehouse is in Økern Næringspark and is managed by Mr. Per Auestad.

01-09-2008 - Own office in Hungary

ungarn-nyhederAs of September 1st, 2008 Jumbo Transport is established in Hungary.
For further information see enclosed

30-06-2008 - Own office in Sweden

sverige-nyhederAs of July 1st 2008 we have established our own office in Malmoe. The office and terminal is situated at Vinkelgatan 3.

01-10-2007 - GRI - October 1st, 2007

270 picture 9683FEFC rate increase westbound:
+ 200 US$/TEU
PSS  - extended until 17th February 2008)
High Cube Additional: US$ 300/unit

26-09-2007 - Heavy lift

268 picture 9497 1The projectdepartment transported one machine with overwidth, overheight, and a weight of 38 tons

06-09-2007 - 25 years anniversery

262 picture 5000 1Thank you for the visits and the presents at our reception. Pictures are uploaded under "Gallery".
This 3 tons heavy Elephant was one of the gifts.

20-08-2007 - German Road Tax - MAUT - Increas

258 picture 9743As of September 1st, 2007 the German road tax will be increased by 8,8% according to TOLL COLLECT.
New Tariff is uploaded.

20-08-2007 - Road Tax Austria - Increase

259 picture 4458According to the Austrian  "GO - Mautsystem für LKW und Bus" road taxes in Austria has increased. We will charge the new rates from September 1st, 2007

18-06-2007 - GRI - July 1st, 2007

270 picture 9683FEFC rate increase:
China +300 US$/TEU.
South East Asia +450 US$/TEU
PSS  +135 US$/TEU  (Fra 01.08.07)
Heavy duty surcharge
 +200 US$ for 20’ over 14 tons
(+350 US$ fra Tianjin/Xingang) 
 +400 US$ for 20’ over 18 tons.

05-03-2007 - GRI - April 1st, 2007

270 picture 9683All FEFC member lines have adviced General Rate Increase (GRI) of USD 200,00 pr. TEU as of April 1st. for all westbound container

11-12-2006 - No pallet change as per 1.1.2007

204 picture 1738As of January 1, 2007 we do not change pallets anymore in our international traffics. In our national traffic we implement a fee of DKK 8.00 per pallet.

10-12-2006 - New agent in Turkey

tyrkiet-nyhederWe have just started a co-operation with Turksped in Turkey. Weekly groupage and partloads between Denmark and Turkey. Please contact Charlotte Svømmeholm in our Vejle office or Johan Lund in our Copenhagen office for further information and quotation.

01-12-2006 - New agent in Bologna

198 picture 1564 1From December 1st, 2006 we co-operate with A.GE.MAR-MONDIAL SRL in the area of Bologna. See further info in the left side menu,  Western Europe, Italy

01-11-2006 - Own Office in Romania

rumaenien-nyhederAs of November 1st 2006, Jumbo Transport has established office in Romania.
This own representation in Romania we have started in order to optimize our transport- and logistic systems.

01-10-2006 - Own Office in Lithuania

litauen-nyhederAs of October 2nd, Jumbo Transport has been established in Lithuania. A further step to improve our network and presence around the Baltic Sea. See Jumbo Transport Lithuania in the left side menu.


172 picture 1666 1As of August 1st, Jumbo Transport has been established in The Czech Republic.
A further step to improve our network and presence in Eastern and Central Europe.
See Jumbo Transport Czech in the left side menu.

06-07-2006 - Peak Season Surcharge

165 picture 5365All shipping lines implement a Peak Season Surcharge of US$ 90 pr. TEU from Far East from August 1st, to October 31st,  2006.

23-06-2006 - Freightincrease

defIn order to keep the level of our service, we have to increase our rates extrodinary as of Juli 1st, 2006 with the percentage mentioned in enclosed letter

04-11-2005 - NEW AGENT IN FRANCE

118 picture 8119From November 1st we co-operate with SOGETRA TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL in France.
Further details under traffic, France

28-03-2005 - Project shipment

74 picture 8956 1Our project department just finalized the shipment of a complete factory from Kotka.
More pictures under Gallery, Projects pictures

Environmental Costs

65 picture 7506Due to increased environmental costs in our business, our Environmental Fee will be increased as of February 15th to Dkk. 44,00 pr. shipment


slovenien-nyhederForm February 1st, 2006 our agent in Slovenia is Viator & Vektor.
Viator & Vektor is one of the biggest forwarders in Slovenia with a very good reputation.
For further details, see "Eastern Europa", Slovenia

Svinesund Surcharge

97 picture 8251 1Norway and Sweden have imposed a toll for using the new Svinesund Bridge. This tax we have to debit our customers as per 1.7.2005.  We will charge DKK 15.00 per shipment + 0.50 per 100 kos. Maximum per shipment is DKK 95.00

Jumbo Transport Solutions as

139 picture 8979March 1st, 2006 Jumbo Transport Solutions A/S have opened in Aarhus
The company will work with specific Transport Solutions asked for by many shippers
See further in the left side menu


england-nyhederFrom May 2nd, 2005, GEODIS UK LTD. is our new oartner in England.
GEODIS UK is well established with 13 offices throughout the country.
2 weekly departures are offered with immidiate effect.


estland-nyhederAs of May 2nd, Jumbo Transport OU has been established in Talinn, Estonia.
A further step to improve our network and precence around the Baltic Sea.

Sveda-Trafik merges with Jumbo Transport

246 picture 1526As of June 25, 2007 Sveda-Trafik merges with Jumbo Transport.The excisting service and staff will be transferred to Jumbo Transport.

GPLN - Global Projects Logistics Network

350 picture 3434We are proud to be Danish member of "Global Projects Logistics Network".
This gives us acess to companies with extensive knowledge of Project shipping around the globe.

25 years anniversery

237 picture 7230September 1st, 2007 Jumbo Transport has existed 25 years. From a small beginning in 1982 the company has developed to a modern transportcompany and logistic provider.